Erica Marrero, M.S., L.Ac.

35B Old South Road

Nantucket, MA

Special rates for year-round island residents.

In-home appointments also available upon request.

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My experience with Erica has been life changing. I had NO idea that acupuncture could treat my menopausal symptoms of uterus fibroids, foggy brain and low energy. For more than two years I just haven't felt like me at all. Daily tasks became challenging and my doctor was slowly steering me in the direction of a hysterectomy. From my first appointment I was hooked. I left Erica's treatment room feeling positive and energized. My next appointment could not come fast enough. My energy levels continue to increase, my mental sharpness has improved along with my memory. My general health is great and most important, I am happy and life is no longer a struggle.

Female Age 52, Nantucket

Erica's acupuncture has helped my IBS more than anything else, and thanks to her I can manage it better. She is wonderful—very knowledgeable and supportive, and takes a holistic, wellness approach. Her skilled treatments are also relieving shoulder and neck pain and in general making me feel better. I am delighted with the results and recommend her enthusiastically.

Male Age 63, New York

Our 3-year-old had been suffering for months from chronic stomach pain and constipation. We had seen her pediatrician on several occasions without resolution. We were at a complete loss as to how to help her, and a friend suggested we try acupuncture. Erica came highly recommended. Due to the anxiety our daughter suffered from previous doctor experiences, Erica moved slowly with her and took her time to build a trusting relationship. Within 2 sessions we saw a great improvement and after the 4th session (the first time Erica used moxa) our daughter's issues had resolved. Gone were the days of constant crying, refusing and being scared to use the bathroom, and complaining of stomach pain. We were able to stop giving her daily doses of Miralax. She has returned to the happy, spunky 3 year old we once knew. We credit Erica for giving our daughter her life back and in turn, giving us ours back too.

Mother of 3-year-old, New York

Just thought I'd share with the community that I've had a handful of facial acupuncture treatments from Erica Marrero at Touchpoint Acupuncture and it has literally taken a decade off of my face.

I have had circles under my eyes since I was a preteen (hereditary) that have dramatically worsened with age and those late night feedings and I was absolutely shocked to see that the circles I have grown up with have faded to nothingness to the point that I now go out without concealer (I have NEVER done that before)!

Also, a slave to facials since I have huge pores, I was due for a facial when I began getting the acupuncture treatment. Unbelievably the size of my pores have reduced to the point that I'm canceling my facial appointment.

I just have to let all of you know who feel tired and lack the energy and vibrancy you once had that you can harness your body's internal chemistry to get all of it back again in a safe and natural way. The facial acupuncture has also diminished all of my fine lines and wrinkles and has literally lifted my face- Erica was even able to fade away a sun spot!

Now I am joyfully embracing aging as I know that there is a way to take your inner beauty and bring it to the surface. This is an amazing alternative to people that use fade creams, get injections, use retinol, etc. I even stopped using my expensive eye cream and have switched to coconut oil.

Female, Age 34, New York