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Here are some credible sources of information about acupuncture as an effective treatment modality. Click on the links to read articles in full.

"Players say her sessions are their most important treatment. They feel more loose, more flexible." Read More

Acupuncture shown to stimulate the brain

Sydney Morning Herald, September 2010

"Acupuncture has been shown to prompt changes in the "mood regulation" area of the brain, pointing to a possible and potent treatment for depression."

Acupuncture May Be the Key to Losing Weight

ABC 7, Los Angeles, CA, 2010

"More people are turning to acupuncture for weight loss, as it may be the key to reducing certain cravings."

Understanding Acupuncture

NIH (National Institute of Health), February 2010

"In many research studies, it's clear that if you're comparing acupuncture to usual care, the acupuncture group almost always does better,"

Treating Infertility using Acupuncture

American Pregnancy Association

"Acupuncture can be used to treat any type of fertility disorder including spasmed tubes."

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Acupuncture Treatment has Lilly Ready to Go

Major League Baseball, August 2011

Ted Lilly of the Dodgers states, ""I've had [treatment] the last couple of days and I noticed it as soon as I got off the table. It's hard to think it's from anything else. I had more movement after being so locked up."

Many Health-Care Workers have Turned to Alternative Medicine

U.S. News & World Report, August 2011

"Doctors, nurses and their assistants, health technicians, and healthcare administrators were actually more likely than the general public to use any number of wide-ranging alternative medicine options, including massage, yoga, acupuncture, Pilates or herbal medicines."

Olympic Gold Medalist Talks Acupuncture

Daniel Kowalski, Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist in swimming, discusses the benefits of Japanese Acupuncture in keeping his troublesome shoulders functioning and maintaining robust good health during the arduous training required to compete at the Olympics.

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Five-Time Olympian

Amy Acuff Jumps for Acupuncture In More

Ways Than One

By Sara Calabro

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